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January 2017

Plans for next year

This year the South West Academy, of which I am now a member, will be holding a winter exhibition at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery from 14th.January till 25th.February, a spring exhibition of invited Academicians from 17th.March at the Brownston Gallery, and at the Penrith Gallery in St.Ives from 5th.September until 2nd.October.
I intend to spend six weeks from 1st.April in the Shetlands, walking, looking, painting - not about the landscape, but about being in the landscape, mainly alone. On my return in mid-May I will be showing some of my recent work at the Chagford Inn for three months.
I have also become involved with a new venture, Brook Contemporary, which is concentrating on the commercial and business market, featuring leading contemporary artists based in the South West. I continue show my work at Marine House at Beer, the Brook Gallery, and at the Collectors Gallery in Carmel, California,