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Much of my earlier work has been based on the landscape, and particularly mans' marks on the landscape. I have long thought that I needed a subject, a landscape, whatever, as a starting point on which to base my abstract work - recent themes have included Dartmoor, my home territory, migration in its widest sense, and friendship, memories and loss.

I have now begun a fresh approach, relying on colour, form, gestural marks, and instinct to let a painting evolve. The recent paintings such as ' Something set in stone ', and ' Cribba 2 ', shown here, are the first in what I hope will become a significant shift, relying on memory, intuition, and patience - patience to start again every day, continually overpainting and waiting for something exciting to emerge.

At the end of March I plan to go to the Shetlands for six weeks; I will be renting a cottage, and spending most of the time alone, walking, sketching, reading, painting. I am interested in trying to paint about how it feels for me to be there as a solitary individual - I suspect that it will be difficult to avoid making some representational references in such a wild remote place. Seeking that balance is why I am going.

"Truth is something made, not found"

GALLERIES where my work is represented

The Collectors Gallery, Carmel, California

Brook Gallery, Devon -

Brook Contemporary -

Marine House at Beer, Devon

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