current work

These 36 images show the paintings I plan to include in the Penwith Gallery exhibition in May/ June 2019 - in due course there will be an online gallery showing details of this work, alongside the work of ceramicist Laurel Keeley.

The subject matter firstly covers my long association with the south western end of Cornwall - I climbed there fifty odd years ago, and more recently I have done a solo exhibition about tin mining in West Penwith. There are some Dartmoor paintings - I have walked the moor for almost sixty years, live in Chagford, and see myself as a Dartmoor man. Other paintings reflect my background and travels - hillwalking and climbing in Wales, exploring the Shetlands, and further away in the Atacama and Mohave desert lands.

Although full of abstract images, I see my paintings as being about the landscape, and my reactions to being in a place ; I would be happy to answer any questions about my work, or about any individual piece.

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