Moving On

Mothecombe 4

After my solo show in California in late 2022, and a difficult 2023 for the family, I am at last back in my
studio painting again, following a couple of false starts and another diversion into making sculptural work.
I have been fortunate to travel widely over the years, especially in North and South America, where I found lots of ideas and subjects to paint, but I know that now it is time to return to home ground, here in the Westcountry - the coasts of Devon and Cornwall, and Dartmoor.

The challenge after this long break is to find a fresh approach - so I am taking familiar subjects, and working with acrylic inks, palette knives, fingers, whatever, to bring colour, dynamic lines of composition, and energy to the work. I am very much enjoying this process, and intend to continue with this theme through the year, focusing on the coast of South Devon. I have very recently renewed my long standing connection with the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, who will be showing this new work.

As for my link with Tamara Hovhanissyan in her Carmel gallery, in California, there has been an exciting development. Tamara is now taking on the lease of a wonderful gallery space in central Manhattan, and will be taking some of my work there later this year. This could lead me to consider going back to doing more New York city paintings in time, but for now my home ground calls.

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