' Song of the Land' : California

chakra cave

This collection of paintings was first shown in October 2022 in a solo exhibition at the Gallery Milmar in Carmel, California, where I have shown my work since meeting Tamara, the owner, in 2008. There have been some sales, but the current economic uncertainties continue to have a serious effect on the market for original art, both here in UK and in the States. All the remaining paintings are still at the gallery , and remain available for sale.

It is our intention to organise an online auction or gala event, through Tamara's gallery connections in Los Angeles, gifting all the unsold paintings to raise money for a chosen charity: there are plenty of people who need help in California !

The paintings reflect my travels from our home in England, with Dartmoor and the South West coast featured, to the spectacular Californian coast and desert lands there and in the Atacama. I have a life-long passion for the wild places, and my paintings are informed by these travels and cultures. I am fascinated by the aboriginal tradition of songlines, where the song can be seen in the land, and the land can be heard in the song. I long ago realised that my love of the land must be the creative starting point for everything I paint, and this series reflects just what I see and hear in these very special places - the Song of the Land.

The paintings can be seen on my website, in the Gallery section headed Carmel.


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