Still Picking Bones at the Penwith Gallery in St.Ives

My exhibition at the Penwith Gallery, with Laurel Keeley's brilliant ceramics, is now well underway, and has been very well received. The New Gallery is a great place to show our work, with plenty of space to give breathing room for each painting, and to display Laurel's beautiful work.

We will be next at the gallery on Saturday, June 1st., from 11.00 am. till 1.00 pm., to talk about our work.
The exhibition goes on until Saturday, June 15th. Over the next couple of weeks I will be spending most of the time down in West Penwith, and I'll be happy to meet anyone interested in my work at the gallery by arrangement - email me at, or phone 07950 846628.

time down around St.Ives, and will very happy to meet anyone interested in my work at the gallery by arrangement. ( tel: 07950 846628 )

Hope you can manage a trip down to wonderful St. Ives, especially if you want to pick some bones with me !

Martin Procter

The work shown in the Current section of my website relates to this project; if you are interested in any of these paintings, please contact me for more details, or to arrange a visit to my studio in Chagford.

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